Software Integration

AVATAS has a fully integrated solution for most leading software applications — processing is both seamless and secure! We also have a direct line of communication with our partnered software companies to streamline your installation with absolutely no downtime.

“We strive to partner with companies that practice excellence in their dealings with our customer base. AVATAS Payment Solutions is that company. They are leaders in saving customers money in credit card processing. AVATAS is at the top of our list of Preferred Partners.” – ADD Systems

“When our customer tells us that they have chosen AVATAS as their credit card processing company, we know that we can relax because AVATAS will handle everything and our customer will be pleased with the end result.” – Mark Nardone, President of Blue Cow Software

“We (Destwin Energy Systems) have recommended AVATAS Payment Solutions for high-value cost effective payment solutions to our energy marketer clients for many years.  A major reason for our support is their complete understanding and unwavering commitment to the home energy business, where they have built a strong reputation by lowering costs and helping marketers become more profitable.  As a software provider, we also understand the importance of good customer service and the customer service provided by AVATAS, both technical and financial, is simply the best there is.  Great rates, great service, great people, all adds up to a great value for any energy marketer. Strongly recommended!” — Gary Sippin, Co-founder of Destwin Energy Systems