Customer Support:

At AVATAS, we pride ourselves on building a business based on outstanding customer service and support. When you call our office, you will always reach one of our dedicated customer service representatives who will be happy to address any questions or concerns. AVATAS manages all of our customer service locally with professionals who understand both the cyclical nature of your business and the ins and outs of your software relationships.

We also provide our customers with consultative expertise to drive additional savings through business strategies and efficiency analysis.

Call our office directly with any customer service issues at: 866.849.8800 or email:

Payment Processing:

What differentiates AVATAS from other credit card processers? At AVATAS we pride ourselves on our extensive experience in the energy industry, our consultative approach in working with each of our individual customers, and our ability to truly impact our customers’ businesses and yield significant savings.

As an AVATAS customer, you will not only profit from the depth of our collective experience, but also from the clear-cut benefits of AVATAS Advantage. The AVATAS Advantage is a complimentary consultative benefit that we provide to both new and existing customers. This way, we are able to ensure streamlined cash flow management, and optimized payment processing, all while yielding the maximum revenue for your business.

Let us demonstrate our expertise and show you how much we can save you on an annual basis. Send us one of your recent processing statements today and receive a complimentary financial impact analysis and value proposal.

PCI Compliance & Security:

PCI compliance is required for any business accepting or processing credit or debit card transactions. The compliance standards for PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) are defined by the PCI Standards Council and enforced by the major card brands.

  • Getting Started with PCI
  • PCI Data Storage Do’s and Don’ts
  • Ten Common Myths of PCI DSS
  • PCI Standards Overview
  • Click here for an informative QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE
  • State Breach Notification Laws

Is your company ready to complete the PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)? The SAQ helps companies self-evaluate when it comes to compliance with PCI DSS. Download these documents to help you decide which SAQ your company should be utilizing.


 Additional links around PCI Compliance and data security initiatives:

Software Integration:

AVATAS has a fully integrated solution for the majority of leading software applications — processing is both seamless and secure! We also have a direct line of communication with our partnered software companies to streamline your installation with absolutely no downtime.

“We strive to partner with companies that practice excellence in their dealings with our customer base. AVATAS Payment Solutions is that company. They are leaders in saving customers money in credit card processing. AVATAS is at the top of our list of Preferred Partners.” – ADD Systems

“When our customer tells us that they have chosen AVATAS as their credit card processing company, we know that we can relax because AVATAS will handle everything and our customer will be pleased with the end result.” – Mark Nardone, President of Blue Cow Software

“We (Destwin Energy Systems) have recommended AVATAS Payment Solutions for high-value cost effective payment solutions to our energy marketer clients for many years.  A major reason for our support is their complete understanding and unwavering commitment to the home energy business, where they have built a strong reputation by lowering costs and helping marketers become more profitable.  As a software provider, we also understand the importance of good customer service and the customer service provided by AVATAS, both technical and financial, is simply the best there is.  Great rates, great service, great people, all adds up to a great value for any energy marketer. Strongly recommended!” — Gary Sippin, Co-founder of Destwin Energy Systems

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