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New Credit Card Technology Will Affect Merchant Liability

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New Credit Card Technology Will Affect Merchant Liability  EMV is a chip based technology that validates the authenticity of a physical card for card present transactions, which helps prevent counterfeit fraud by unauthorized users and re-use of compromised card data. The exact details are a bit technical, but EMV uses highly advanced encryption technology and additional data elements to create a trust chain that helps ensure that the card presented to a terminal can be quickly verified as genuine and that transaction data from the merchant...

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Revamp Your Receivables

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Revamp Your Receivables Around four years ago, SOS Xtreme Comfort, of Tuxedo Park, N.Y., decided to partner with AVATAS Payment Solutions, of Newton, Mass., to gain assistance in their receivables process. Like many heating fuels companies, SOS had grown into the habit of extending credit terms and watching their days receivables outstanding, stretch further and further away for them. They knew they had to make some changes to continue to provide valuable service and thrive in this challenging economy. The following is an interview with...

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Check or Credit Card?

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Credit card payments pay a vital role in most retail energy sales and home comfort services, and there are a lot of complexities involved. Once seen as a costly way of accepting customer payments, credit cards are getting more love from energy marketers because they provide timely, guaranteed payments. One company that strongly advocates for credit cards usage to accelerate cash flow is AVATAS Payment Solutions, a Massachusetts-based payment processing company that specializes in the retail energy industry. Oil & Energy recently reached...

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Tighten Security and Streamline PCI Compliance

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Tighten Security and Streamline PCI Compliance Protecting sensitive customer data from data and fraud breaches is a key responsibility for a business owner, regardless of the size of the business or vertical. And, any and all businesses that accept credit and debit card payments are required to comply with PCI DSS (PCI Council Data Security Standards). For many owners, and especially proprietors of smaller businesses, PCI compliance is under prioritized because they believe that their business is too small to be breached, but according to...

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The Hidden Costs of Checks

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In today’s complex economic environment, home heating retailers are looking for innovative ways to streamline cash flow and ensure prompt payments from customers. Unfortunately, many are unaware of the best methods to achieve these goals. After ten years of working exclusively in the home heating industry, AVATAS has processed payments for nearly 1,000 energy companies. One of the top cash flow tips we share with our clients is to discourage the use of paper checks. This seems counterintuitive, but checks require a longer wait period than...

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AVATAS and Merchant Warehouse Raise Over $25,000 for Wounded Warrior Project

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Over the past few months, AVATAS and Merchant Warehouse joined forces to fundraise charitable donations for the Wounded Warrior Project.

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Two New Partnerships for AVATAS Payment Solutions

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AVATAS Payment Solutions is proud to announce newly formed partnerships with iRely Software and ARM Solutions. These business partnerships will provide valuable services that further support our clients’ success.

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The AVATAS team consistently contributes to industry publications and has been featured in various news outlets. Samples of contributed articles are listed below:

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Quarterly Newsletter: June 2013

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News from AVATAS 2013 has been a busy year for the AVATAS team so far! We’ve updated our new website, attended over 10 industry related trade shows and events, and continued to host weekly webinars for our clients. Here’s what’s coming up next:

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Upcoming Events

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Here are upcoming events that AVATAS team members will be attending.

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