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    Secure Payment Processing
    AVATAS has a fully integrated solution for the majority
    of the leading software applications in the energy industry --
    processing is both seamless and secure!
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    The AVATAS Advantage
    AVATAS will help you save $3 to $9 on every payment your company receives.
    We guarantee it — that’s our AVATAS Advantage
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    Superior Customer Service
    “AVATAS delivers for our members offering superior customer service and the lowest processing rates.
    They are a real pleasure to deal with and a great partner for our association.”
    - Thomas J. Peters, CEO of Empire State Petroleum
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Who We Are

AVATAS Payment Solutions is the pioneer in reducing payment processing expenses for the energy and service industries. Prior to 2005, home heating companies were charged credit card processing fees that were 50 percent or more than they are today – until the multi-year lobbying efforts of AVATAS co-founders Tracy Richmond and Larry Richmond persuaded credit card companies to reclassify heating fuel retailers – a victory that has yielded in excess of $500 million in savings for the industry.

  • We focus our attention on payment automation while reducing expenses for transactions with MasterCard, Visa and Discover.
  • We offer a full array of payment options including online payments, EFT, mobile payments and check by phone.
  • We partner with all the leading software companies to provide our clients with seamless and simple integration.
  • We continually offer our clients innovative ideas for improved cash flow, expense reduction and increased revenue.
  • We are frequent contributors to industry trade publications and association meetings. We are in demand public speakers due to the depth or knowledge we bring the industry.

AVATAS works with over 600 companies across the country and we also process payments for many state and regional energy and service industry associations. But don’t take our word for it – take theirs.

“AVATAS skips the phony flashy sales pitch, and just plain delivers.
Dealing with AVATAS has been a pleasure before and after I became a customer.”

Danny Warthen , Warthen Fuel Company

Why Avatas

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By combining our payment processing expertise with innovative strategies, AVATAS successfully improves bottom-line profitability. We provide our clients with a consultative approach, examining 100% of their receivables to ensure optimal efficiency.

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AVATAS is the nationally recognized leader of cash flow solutions for the energy and service industries.
We process for over 700 energy companies and continue to expand our reach.

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AVATAS co-founders Tracy Richmond and Larry Richmond led a multi-year lobbying effort resulting in the reclassification of heating fuel retailers. That victory has saved the industry over $500 million to date.

"We've been promised great rates in the past, only to have them increase after we signed up. AVATAS has never increased our rates - they've actually lowered them automatically four times!"
Ross Mirabito, Mirabito Fuel Company

Client Testimonials

Hear what our customers have to say

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Polar Fuel

“They have saved us very real money in processing costs. AVATAS has been a real pleasure to do business with.”
- Ehren Schachle, General Manager of Polar Fuel

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Cota and Cota

“Larry and Tracy Richmond of AVATAS have always been out in front advocating for the best rates for our industry and long before it was popular.”
– Sean Cota, Cota and Cota

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B&B Fuel Company

“I had been using another processing company that has advertised great rates – those ‘great rates’ were twice as much as AVATAS! I save hundreds every month!”
- Becky Gilford, B&B Fuel Company

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